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DormoTech Medical Ltd. is a Digital Health company, specializing in the monitoring and diagnosis of sleep disorders.


Our SleepClip™ system focuses on home sleep tests for diagnosing and monitoring sleep apnea and insomnia.


It is the new generation in home diagnostic devices which are personal and reusable, yet disposable too.

The system is small, convenient, multi-channel, sophisticated and is designed to replace the limited devices that currently exist.


The Device will dramatically change the sleep assessment scene for both caregivers and patients

The Solution
Unparalleled Technology

DormoTech’s patent-pending SleepClip™ provides an end-to-end testing cycle, including intuitive, simplified scoring and reporting systems which use a novel machine-assisted scoring approach.


Our diagnosis accuracy complies with US requirements and exceeds American Association of Sleep Medicine (AASM) required parameters.


The Need

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a temporary cessation of breathing during sleep, which severely impairs quality of life and health. According to the American Association of Sleep Medicine (AASM), this major sleep disorder affects about 12% of the population in the U.S (about 30 million people and 100 million globally), yet 80% of them are undiagnosed.


If not diagnosed and treated, they may suffer from obesity, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, traffic accidents, impaired quality of life and more. However, high cost and discomfort of testing is a significant barrier for testing.


Frost & Sullivan estimates that undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea, cost the United States approximately $150 billion in 2015.

Value Proposition
  • Design and Technology – Small device which keeps it simple. Easy to put on and get data from which will be a huge selling feature. 


  • Truly wireless - No cables which obstruct sleep, resulting in higher success rates collecting more accurate data from patients

  • Additional diagnostic data - SleepClip™ provides additional data that allows professionals to truly diagnose sleep disorders (outside of just OSA too). This is novel in Home Sleep Testing (HST)!  Data provided is familiar to sleep professionals unlike some of the others who provide little or no data but just a ‘black box’ diagnosis.

  • Ease of use and training – so easy to use no training is required unlike our competitors.

  • Combines advanced technologies - SleepClip™ is Telemedicine compatible. It Incorporates advanced micro sensors, Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud technologies in a compact device.

  • Maintenance - DormoTech offers a single-patient device with no maintenance, while other devices must be returned to the lab following a home study, often damaged and requiring maintenance.

  • Assessing time & quality reports Improves outcome. The software with SleepClip™ will allow users to assess the study in less than 15 minutes with improved report quality.

  • Chain of custody (COC) – the device is scalable and optional sensors like COC can be added to the standard data set 

  • Capital equipment – DormoTech’s SleepClip™ system makes it possible to mass test people practically without limitations. This is due to the fact that each patient receives a disposable device to use for one or more nights. For other Home Sleep Tests (HST) products, the number of tests per night depends on availability of devices at a given time. This is novel. 

  • Disruptive Price: Improve cost effectiveness – SleepClip™ improves access and cost to all those involved in the Home sleep testing cycle.


Meet Our Team

Haim Confino

CEO & Co-Founder

Ofer Barnea, PhD

CSO (Chief Scientific Officer)

Shimon Hayun

CTO & Co-Founder

Shlomo Zucker

Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder

Abd El-Kader Naser

Product Manager & Co-Founder

Aharon Shapira

Software Architect & Co-Founder

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